Welcome to the Storm Buggies website.

We offer an exceptional range of kids off road buggies, kids quad bikes, adults off road buggies and adults road legal buggies. For 2015 we have also added a range of electric kids quads and off road go karts which are ideal for beginners.

Our top quality product range consists of -

  • Hammerhead kids off road buggies from 4 years to small adults
  • Orion kids quad bikes from 6 years to teenagers
  • Electric kids quads & electric kids go karts – ideal for newbies!
  • Rangcar ST4 heavy duty adults off road buggy
  • Hammerhead UTV utility vehicle
  • Joyner 800cc road legal buggy
  • Full range of safety clothing & helmets

All products are sold with full spare parts and after sales service and unlike many internet sellers we have a registered business premises and an official UK dealer network where customers are welcome to view our full product range.


Kids & adults self balancing 2 wheel electric smart scooters are here!

Saturday 21st November 2015 09:40

The self balance scooter is the must have item for 2015 and we are pleased to offer both an adults and a kids version! Known in full as the rather lengthy smart 2 wheel balance hover-board scooter, we prefer to just call them a balance scooter and they are certainly not a ‘Sedgeway’ scooter as some sellers would have you believe! Please Note : At the time of publishing, our prices are the lowest in the UK. We can do this as we buy directly from the factory in high volume. If you are able to fi...