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Pop star Jamiroquai lunar buggy project for 'Runaway' music video

In August 2006 Storm Buggies received a mysterious phone call from the UK's leading special effects company Artem regarding something quite unique, news came of a secret project to turn one of our road legal buggies into a fully working replica of the Lunar Buggy that graced the moon's surface in the 1970's only this time is was to be used for a mystery pop video shoot located slightly closer to earth!

We waited several weeks and just as we thought the project had gone cold we received a phone call from Artem director Bob Thorne saying "We have the go ahead from the production company, when can you get a buggy up to us".

The very next morning a buggy was on its way from the Storm warehouse in East Sussex up to Artem in London where the team had just 9 days left to build a working replica of the Lunar Rover to be used for Jay Kay 'Jamiroquai' to drive in his latest music video for the track "Runaway".

Direction was provided by Jay Kay himself through production company Draw Pictures. Special Effects Designer/Supervisor - Bob Thorne, commented;

"With such a tight deadline there was no room for error. We started with a brand new road legal dune buggy, which we had to stretch and remove the roll cage from before imaginatively dressing it to look like the 1970's version. Once work was completed we had to have a vehicle inspection to ensure the vehicle was still considered road safe, which we thankfully sailed through the day before the night shoot.

Jay drove it round various London locations - including Tower Bridge, Piccadilly Circus and the A40 - wearing a space suit from the era and attracting plenty of interest from passers by and the media. The original 1970's vehicle had a top speed of 8mph. Ours was doing 50mph once run in. Pretty good, but still somewhat slower than his Ferrari Enzo!"

Storm Managing director Ian Batten and shareholder Rob Scantlebury went on shoot in London with Jay and the production team and discovered that Jay was so impressed with the buggy that he was going to be keeping it!

When asked by Ian if it would go fast enough Jay commented that he would "Use it for a bit of fun in the summer"

The album went straight to number 1 in the Official UK Albums Chart.

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