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DVLA Registration

Please note - We no longer carry out any of the services below.

All vehicles used on a public highway in the UK must be fully registered with the DVLA.

As with a car, all road legal buggies must be insured for use on public roads! Please visit our insurance page for further details.

The following is a breakdown of the extra costs involved in registering and using your buggy on road in the UK -

Number plate manufacture (Front & Rear) £25
DVLA Registration fee £55
6 Months road tax £71.50
12 Months road tax £140

All STORM road legal buggies are supplied with the complete paperwork package required to register the buggy on the road.

If you would rather we took care of the paperwork for you then all we require is your original certificate of insurance and we will register the vehicle with the DVLA for you.

The cost of this service is ÃÆ'‚£185 which includes number plate manufacture and fitting, DVLA registration fee and 6 months road tax.

If you have any further questions regarding DVLA registration please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.