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2024 Model Kids VRX Kids 70cc Quad Bike

Posted Thursday 14th September 2023 14:19

We are pleased to annouce the impending arrival of the new 2024 spec Kids VRX Kids 70cc Quad Bike.

Technically the quads are still the same but the quads feature a number of cosmetic improvements as follows -


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New For Summer 2023 - RFN™ Racing Thunder Kids Dirt Bikes

Posted Monday 3rd April 2023 14:27

Following several years of development, we are pleased to announce the launch of the latest RFN Racing™ Thunder kids dirt bike for summer 2023!

As has come to be expected from this brand, the build quality and component specification on these bikes is second to none at this price point....

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2023 Renegade Ranger Kids Electric Quads

Posted Tuesday 17th January 2023 12:38

New product for 2023! Please check out our incredible Renegade Ranger kids electric quad bikes!


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2023 Storm 110R Kids Quad Bike With Reverse

Posted Monday 24th October 2022 15:25

The 2023 Storm 110R (110cc) kids quad bike with reverse will launch in early November 2022.

These stunning quads pack a mighty punch and also feauture a fully automatic transmission with reverse gear....

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Storm Kids 100w 12" Electric Balance Bikes

Posted Friday 1st April 2022 13:42

No other electric balance bike on the UK market can match the vivid colours of the Storm kids electric balance bikes!

Not only do they look incredible but the quality and durability is second to none and has passed the most stringent of UK safety standards inspections....

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Not All Off-Road Buggies Are Equal!

Posted Thursday 3rd February 2022 13:52



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Hammerhead GTS150 Buggy LED Light Bar

Posted Monday 24th January 2022 10:34

Special thanks to Andrew for sending us these images of his lucky boy riding his new Hammerhead GTS150 off road buggy this weekend.

Andrew choose the upgraded LED light bar option for his Hammerhead GTS150 and the feedback was what a fantastic upgrade this option is....

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Christmas Stock Here At Storm Buggies Now!

Posted Monday 11th October 2021 13:04

As widely reported in the news, there is no doubt at all that there will be major shortages and stock issues in the UK this Christmas.

To avoid the issues that the entire UK industry suffered from last year, we took the decision to stock up early for Christmas this year and we are currently well stocked for the following products - ...

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Mud Monster 1000w Kids Electric Go Kart

Posted Monday 22nd February 2021 16:17

Our kid’s off road electric buggy is a great ‘first time’ off road machine and the secret is in the simplicity as the buggy has two pedals, one for stop and one for go!  Ideal for children of around six years plus (height dependant) not only is the buggy super quiet, but it's also very easy for first time off roaders to get to grips with. Unlike petrol powered machines, this electric go kart motor hosts a brushless electric motor which is virtually silent, so even the grumpiest of neighbours can be kept happy with peace and quiet!

These karts feauture a superior battery capacity of 48v 20ah versus the much smaller battery of just 48v 12ah on other similar models in the UK. This will give riders longer run times and less hassle with regular charging! We are also able to supply additional batteries if required....

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New 2021 Model Kids Electric Balance Bike Now In Stock!

Posted Wednesday 27th January 2021 13:05

Following a year of intense development, we are pleased to launch our stunning range of 2021 kids electric balance bikes. Not only do our unique bikes feature the most vivid colours of any bike on the market, but they also boast a high specification to match their stunning looks! Please click here for more information.


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Storm 12" 100w Kids Balance Bikes Coming Soon!

Posted Thursday 26th November 2020 16:43



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New Pit Bikes From RFZ RACING™

Posted Wednesday 29th July 2020 06:57

We are please to announce two exciting new pit bike models from the leading RFZ RACING™ brand.

110cc RFZ RACING™ Pro Start Pit Bike...

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Huge Savings On Our Used Stock!

Posted Saturday 15th February 2020 10:48

Have you checked out the huge savings that are available on the used machines in our used and sale section of the website!?

Right now you can save around £300 on these used 1000w Funbikes Funkarts (electric off road go karts) which are just £399...

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Still Time For Christmas Orders!

Posted Tuesday 10th December 2019 15:25

Good news... There is still time for Christmas orders BUT time is running out!!!

We have run out of some colours on some models but we still have a huge range of Hammerhead Buggies, quad bikes, electric go karts and dirt bikes....

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Kids & Adults RXF RACING Dirt Bikes In Stock Now!

Posted Thursday 24th October 2019 12:18

The incredible range of 2020 RXF RACING bikes are now in stock and the feedback from customers has been nothing short of exceptional! Nothing on the market at a comparible price comes in anywhere near close to these machines.

The 2020 RXF RACING line up consists of the following four exciting models - ...

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2020 RXF RACING™ Dirt Bikes Coming Soon!

Posted Saturday 27th July 2019 04:02

We are extremely pleased to announce that Storm Buggies have agreed terms to become the exclusive UK distributor for the 2020 range of RXF Racing motorcycles or pit bikes / dirt bikes as they are commonly referred to! The 2020 range of RXF bikes will be launched in September this year and the initial line up will consist of four models of motorcycle from 57cc up to 190cc, all of which will feature leading brands of engine and extremely high spec components.

Pictured below is the kids RXF MINI 57cc bike which hosts a bullet-proof fully automatic Zongshen electric start engine. The bike also boasts incredibly tough components that would look at home on a 250cc dirt bike! ...

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