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Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to include as much content to assist your purchase as possible so please read this page in full before contacting us with any questions.

In the event of any question not being covered in this page then please feel free to contact us.

What is a buggy?

A buggy is technically known as a quadricycle.

What is a Quadricycle?

In the year 2004 a new vehicle category was created, this is known as EEC directive 2002/24/EC. To conform to quadricycle regulation the product must have a maximum unladen mass of 400kg and a maximum power output of 15kw.

What is the difference between a Quadricycle and a Buggy?

There should be very little difference, both are general descriptions for the same product, outside the UK buggies are often referred to as go karts.

What is the difference between a road legal and off road buggy?

Road legal buggies are as the name suggests fully road legal! This is achieved by going through a process of stringent tests in order to gain EEC approval for road legal use. Once achieved this will allow the manufacturer to supply the buggy with a COC (certificate of conformity) for road legal use.

Off road buggies are solely intended for off road use on private land or specific off road tracks. An off road buggy should NEVER be taken on a public highway.

I already own a go kart so can I use it on the road now?

Unfortunately not, in order to comply with European Whole Vehicle Legislation the vehicle must be a standard model and be homologated by the manufacturer or importer.

What license do I need to drive my road legal buggy on the road?

All you need is a full UK car license, or a full motorcycle license if passed before February 2001. The category to look out for is B1.

If I buy a road legal buggy or quad can I just ride it on the road straight away?

In order to ride your road legal buggy or quad on the road you will need to go through a few simple steps, exactly the same as using a car. These key steps being - Insurance, DVLA registration and road fund license (car tax)

Does Storm arrange road legal buggy and quad insurance?

Storm does not arrange insurance directly but please see our dedicated insurance page for the best UK deals for road legal buggy and quad bike insurance.

What safety gear do I need?

ALWAYS wear a suitable helmet and use additional eye protection if the helmet does not have a factory fitted visor. Due to the Quadricycle falling into PLG (Private light goods) classification there is no legal requirement to wear any safety gear. STORM strongly recommends the use of at least a helmet and eye protection for both driver and passenger when using the buggy on the public roads.

In the event of off road use it is also recommended that additional safety clothing is worn, this should consist of safety gloves, boots and adequate clothing covering all areas of the body.

Can I take a passenger in my Storm buggy?

All STORM road legal buggies are homologated and licensed as 2 seat vehicles and are fully legal to carry 2 people on the road.

Can I drive my road legal buggy in London and avoid the congestion charge?

Unfortunately road legal buggies are not exempt from the London congestion charge.

What fuel does a Storm buggy use?

All STORM buggies use standard unleaded petrol.

Does a buggy use lots of fuel?

No, with an average miles per gallon (mpg) of around 60, running costs are very low.

Where can I get spare parts?

STORM carries a large stock of off the shelf parts, please visit our spare parts page for further information.

How do I insure my buggy for road legal use?

Only specialist insurance brokers will cover a Quadricycle for road use, please use our dedicated insurance link page for great discount packages. We have had feedback from our customers saying insurance starts from as little as £100!

Do you offer test drives on your road legal and off road buggies?

Yes although by appointment only - sorry no joyriders!

Where are you based?

The main Storm Buggies / Performance Toys Ltd warehouse with a full range of road legal and off road buggies is located in East Sussex, approximately 1 hour from London and just 20m minutes from Gatwick airport.

Do you supply trade?

Yes, please contact us with your company details and we will be happy to quote trade prices for all our products. Please see our new 'Trade Only' page for further details.

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