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In order not to invalidate the manufacturer's warranty and to ensure that your vehicle is safe to ride, it is the owners responsibility to ensure that all vehicles are kept regularly serviced and maintained as required by the manufacturer. It is also necessary for frequent basic maintenance such as tightening of nuts & bolts, chain lubrication, brake adjustments, tune up / carburetor adjustments & oil level checks.

Before buying a vehicle such as a dirt bike, quad bike or off road buggy, please bear in mind that they are not the same as modern day cars and they will require regular maintenance and thorough pre ride safety checks. Failure to do this could result in a number of avoidable issues and machine down time.

First 'run in' service

The first service is often referred to as the 'run in' service' and is absolutely essential for all our vehicles. Unlike a modern car machines such as quads, buggies & bikes will have a settling in period and basic adjustments are often needed on the first service.

Generally the first service is required within the first 3-10 hours of use (time is dependent on the vehicle).

Who can carry out servicing?

Any qualified garage or vehicle technician can carry out servicing. Please ensure the proof of service is retained as in the event of a warranty claim, these original documents must be available for validation in order for the claim process to begin.

Pre Ride Inspection (PRI)

It is absolutely essential that that you carry out the routine necessary PRI checks on your vehicle. We really can stress the absolute impotance of these essential pre ride safety checks.