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Terms & Conditions

Important: Recomendations & Considerations BEFORE You Buy:

When purchasing any vehicle from us, it is extremely important that you consider the following BEFORE purchasing:

  • All vehicles need additional maintenance and can require initial or ongoing adjustment of items including but not limited to carburettors, brakes, chains, batteries etc. (specific parts are dependent on the type of vehicle and whether it is electric or petrol) Therefore you should only purchase a vehicle if you have a sufficient level of mechanical knowledge and tools to be able to do this, or know someone who can. If you are unable to do this then we strongly recommend that you do not make a purchase from our website.
  • All vehicles require a Pre-Ride Inspection BEFORE EVERY USE (see section below for further details).

Important: Pre-Ride Inspections (PRI)

It is very important to carry out Pre-Ride Inspections (PRI) before using the product. Final adjustments should be made by a suitably experienced competent person, who should also check ALL items including but not limited to connections, nuts, bolts, screws, levers, wiring cables, brake units, chains, tyres etc. We also recommend the use of lock-tight on every bolt. A Pre-Ride Inspection should then be carried out BEFORE EVERY USE of the vehicle.

After the initial first use of your vehicle / product, items and components may become loose as they bed in and settle, or down to vibration caused in the use of the vehicle / product.

We cannot be held responsible for any build, assembly, set-up, or maintenance work carried out by you or your representative, or any failure by you to carry out Pre-Ride Inspections. Like all machinery, our vehicles will require adjustment and regular maintenance. It is strongly recommended to only undertake this task if you have this knowledge, or if not then use someone who has the required maintenance and technical skills.

Warranty - Return to Base

All products are supplied with a Return to Base (RTB) Warranty. This means that in the unlikely event that you need to use the warranty, you are responsible for returning and collecting the product at your own cost. If you would prefer to fit the parts yourself or have them fitted elsewhere, then we will provide replacement parts free of charge (subject to the warranty conditions).

Further warranty details can be found on our Warranty page.

Safety Clothing & Helmets

ALWAYS wear a suitable helmet and use additional eye protection if the helmet does not have a factory fitted visor.

We strongly recommend the use of a full face helmet and gloves for driver and passenger at all times.

In the event of off road use it is also recommended that additional safety clothing is worn, such as driving boots and adequate clothing covering all areas of the body.

No Returns - Clothing, Helmets & Safety Gear are not stock items and are ordered in specifically for you as a customer. They are not covered by the Distance Selling Regulations and therefore cannot be returned under any circumstances.


Delivery times will be dependant on the type of service you have selected, the delivery method and the stock status of the items purchased. Delivery times / dates are not guarranteed and please note that Storm Buggies will not be liable for any financial loss or liability (whether direct or consequential) as a result of delayed deliveries or order processing.

  • Someone over the age of 18 must be available to accept the delivery between 08:00 - 18:00 (hours may vary by courier and during peak times) on the day specified above as there is ONLY ONE delivery attempt included in the price. You will be charged for any further delivery attempts (this charge is imposed on us by the delivery company).
  • Unlike with courier deliveries, you are not able to change the delivery date. If any change is made to the delivery date, you will be charged a full re-delivery charge.

On delivery please check the goods for any damage before signing. If the item is damaged, refuse to accept the item and point out to the delivery agent why. If the goods are contained within a box or packaging, please open the box and check all the contents for condition before signing. You will not become the owner of the products until they have been delivered, at which time they will also become your risk and liability.


Please note that the deposit is paid on the understanding that the vehicle ordered is subject to a firm agreement to purchase and is treated as such. The deposit will secure the vehicle for 7 days or longer if agreed with a company director.


The goods shall remain our property until the full funds are received and cleared. A cheque given by you in payment shall not be treated as paid in full until the cheque has been cleared. The proceeds of any goods re-sold by you prior to the cheque having been cleared are to be held by you in trust for us. The risk in the goods passes to you when you take delivery.


We are unable to accept cash payments over £5,000 sterling. We will accept Bank transfers and most major debit and credit cards. We are unable to accept American Express cards.


All orders are subject to current availability of products. If the product you order is not in stock we will contact you and notify you of the estimated delivery date. If this delivery date is longer than 30 days after notification, you have the right to cancel the order and any funds received by us will be returned to you in full.

Acceptance of your order

We must receive payment of the price of the products and the delivery charges before we can process your order. We reserve the right to restrict the number of products you may order and to refuse any order. If you have provided us with your email address you will receive an email from us confirming that we have received your order. Our acceptance of your order takes place upon delivery of the products. Only when we have accepted your order is there a binding contract created between us. Please also note while we endeavour to supply the colour ordered we reserve the right to supply other colours unless specifically stated otherwise. In the event of your chosen colour not being in stock we will contact you and make sure that the replacement colour is satisfactory.

Delivery charges

Please note that delivery charges for all products will apply unless an appointment has been made to collect the product in person from our warehouse or appointed dealer.

Price changes

If after the date of this order and before delivery of the goods to you, the manufacturers or importers recommended price of any goods is changed, we shall give notice of any change to you. Whilst we try to ensure that all prices are accurate, mistakes can sometimes occur and if we discover an error in the price of products you have ordered we will contact you as soon as possible and give you the option of either reconfirming your order at the correct price or cancel it. If we are unable to contact you we will treat the order as being cancelled. If the order is cancelled, we will refund any money that we have taken from you.


If you cancel the order we will treat the contract as cancelled and seek reasonable damages which may be more, less or the same as the deposit placed. If you fail to take and pay for the goods within reasonable of notification that the goods are available for delivery, we may treat the contract as cancelled and seek reasonable damages which may be more, less or the same as the deposit placed. If you cancel the contract because of a price change notified by us to you, any deposit, which you have paid to us, will be returned to you. Should we have to give you notice that we wish to cancel this contract, for example due to the Manufacturer ceasing to produce the goods, we may pay you reasonable damages.

Right of cancellation

The United Kingdom's Distance Selling Regulations provide you with a right to cancel your order for products that you have purchased without viewing first hand. This right is valid at any time up to the end of the 14th working day following the day after the day on which you received the products. If you have visited one of our dealers or have visited us directly to view or be demonstrated on the product you are purchasing then distance selling regulations do not apply.

If you wish to cancel your order please email or call us immediately. Notice must be received in writing to notify us of your intention to cancel the order. Order number, date of purchase and contact details must be supplied. We would also appreciate if you could give your reasons why you have decided to cancel. The goods must be in an unused, new condition and must be returned with any items supplied including but not limited to accessories, clothing, manuals, oils etc. Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns on electrical items as we have no straightforward means of testing them.

If you have already received the products you must return them to us within 14 days, at the address we advise you to send them. We recommend you use recorded delivery service that insures the goods when returning them. Until you have returned the products to us, you must keep them in your possession and take reasonable care of them.

Please note that you are responsible for any return costs and you will not be refunded the original delivery cost.

Use of Storm products

Only products specifically marked as road legal may be used on public highways and must be used in accordance with current DVLA restrictions and governing laws for road legal use.

Brush guards / bars

Please note that all our products are sold with 'brush guards' which are designed to take light impacts only. They are NOT roll bars so please use your machine responsibly. Every care should be taken not to roll the vehicle as SERIOUS injury could occur.

Complaints & liability

If products we deliver to you are not as ordered or are damaged, defective or of incorrect quantity you should contact us within a reasonable time of delivery. We will replace the incorrect, damaged or defective products or make good the shortfall in quantity or, at our option, credit the price and delivery charges of those products to you. If you do not receive products ordered you should notify us within 7 days of the date of your order. We will deliver the products ordered or, at our option, credit the price and delivery charges of the non-delivered products to you, or if we have not accepted your order and have been unable to contact you, we will notify you of the reason for non-acceptance. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall be construed to exclude or limit any rights you may have as a consumer.

Third party rights

We may transfer our rights under the contract, but otherwise nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall give any person who is not a party to the contract any benefit or any right to enforce any of the terms of the contract.

Governing law and jurisdiction

Your order and the formation of the contract shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English law. The English Courts shall have jurisdiction to hear disputes between us.


We do not accept any liability for late or failed deliveries or any liability for direct or consequential losses as a result of a failed or late delivery or failure in any way of the item/s supplied. We shall also not be liable to the buyer for any consequential loss or damage (whether for loss or profit or otherwise) costs or expenses or their claims for consequential loss whatsoever which arise out of or in connection with the supply of the goods or their use or re-sale.


We have taken reasonable care to ensure the accuracy of the content.


Any correspondence to you will be sent by Royal Mail to the address you have given us. Storm buggies will use any information collected to inform you about new products and services and to inform you how we serve you. Your data will be treated in accordance with European Legal provisions. Your information will only be disclosed to Storm buggies and its affiliated or associated companies, Agencies, Dealers or Companies providing services for your benefit. If you wish to view, update or rectify the data you have voluntarily given us, please contact us at the address below.

Should either party waive any of their rights under this agreement, it is not agreed that those rights have been waived permanently.